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Saturday, October 1, 2011

Whimsical Flowers with Butterflies & Bees

No, you haven't seen this exact flower in nature, but it sure is fun to make.  Learn a variety of whimsical styles of petals, color combinations and styles.  Some with even have a little sculptural flying bee or cute bug on them.  The one shown, is a sample of one of the styles you will learn.

This class can be a 3 hour, one or two day class.  The 2 day class can be turned into the "Take a Walk on the Wild Side" class also seen on this blog.

Magical Christmas Miniature Ornaments and Beads

I love Christmas. What a magical time of the year. And what a great time to make your own personal beads that can also be used as miniature ornaments or package decorations for your favorite gifts.

This class can be tailored to your needs from 3 hours to two days.  You choose.

And if you have a special request for a sculptural style of figurine ornament or bead, I'd be happy to work with you too.

Sweet Eats - Sculpture 101

Are you ready to dip your toe into sculptural lampwork glass?  How about easing into it in a sweet, fun way?  We'll make a few beads that would be sweet edible treats in real life, but also a blast to learn.

Lots of satisfaction with zero calories, you'll make some great beads like pie and cupcakes and still learn the basics of sculptural glass while smiling the whole way through.

Have Bobble Head Christmas Class

1 day class.  Can be extended to 2 days or a single holiday bobble in a half day/ 4 hour class

Ho, Ho, Ho! Join Santa and his chief elf toymaker for a fun full day class. You'll learn these two part bobblehead (and bobble belly) beads and how to put them together after they are annealed.  Yes, we'll make their inner workings in class and have a demonstration on how to put them together.  You'll know the techniques for designing your own bobble heads -- or other body part bead when you're done too!

Join us for a day of fun, Holiday cheer, smiles and possibly another holiday bead depending on our spare time.

Please note:  we will make these like small sculptures, but we will also discuss how they can be altered to be worn as focals, too!

3-D Glass Beads - Intro to Sculptural Glass Beadmaking

My Intro to Sculptural Glass Beadmaking is called " 3 - D Glass Beads" and is great for multiple levels of beadmakers .  It teaches students how to translate the shapes they already know from glass beads, into sculpture.  By using barrels, bicones, etc., as the beginning sculpture shapes, it's an easy transition into this fun, style of making beads.

Pictured above is one of the beads the students learn to make.  It's a great way to learn heat control through the ears and the jowls, and smile the whole time doing it.

We also make class self-portrait beads.  This is teaching them very simple faces and hair canes with color layering (which works for fur too).  These techniques build to a more complex "people" bead toward the end.  It varies by the studio- it can be a pirate, a gnome a fairy or a mermaid.  Your choice.

Some of the other beads we make include a seashell with a ruffled lip, a cupcake with a butterfly perched on top, and the students also pick from some small 3-D items that I bring, and translate that into a bead as well.

Woodland Magic

Woodland Magic   .... Available in a 4 hour, 1 or 2 day class

There's something about the smell of walking in the woods.  You know that magic must surround you. So how about joining instructor Marcy Lamberson for your own magical stroll using 104 soft glass for whimsical, sculptural beads.  We'll create a red hatted gnome (possibly the traveling kind, who knows?), an owl with big eyes and a pinecone.  Each will incorporate different techniques and promise to be lots of fun

Contact Marcy Lamberson for further details.

TOOLS NEEDED:  Basic lampworking tools and glasses!

Halloween Witch and Black Cats & Other Spooky Stuff


Halloween is a great time to get creative through sculptural glass.  You can choose one bead for a two hour class or for a longer class, make up a combination of beads that suit your inner spooky style.  More Halloween bead styles available too.  Just ask.  Design a special 2 hour to a 2 day class.  

Shells And Starfish

Shells and Starfish ... 2 hour class.  
Can be expanded to a 4 hour, 1 or 2 day class to include more sea and beach items.

Join instructor Marcy Lamberson for a quick trip to the beach using sculptural soft glass techniques!  We'll be making two kinds of seashell beads- one fantasy surface decoration style and the other more realistic looking.  Both will be pretty and so lovely to wear.  And you know, so often we find shells but no starfish at the beach, so we'll be making our own starfish bead, too.  All of it will be a lot of fun and no SPF required!

Take A Walk on the Wild Side

Take a Walk on the Wild Side ...2 Day Class

It's not nice to fool Mother Nature- we all know that.  But don't worry, Marcy Lamberson's class on Garden & Woodland sculptural beads will be a fun and rather whimsical take on the outdoors. 

We will be completing a full Garden Necklace before you leave.   Featuring three different sculptural flowers (like you've never seen in your garden), a lampwork and wire clasp, a little creature with wings to hover over your flowers and the beads which complete the necklace.  You'll be able to wear this one home!

And we'll also learn how to make tree branch bail with a hanging focal.  Your focal will connect right off of the branch, so you'll got the coordinated "woodland" look, which you'll enjoy year 'round. But the nice thing is, that once you try this, you'll think up other sculptural bails for your beads that you are making now or already own.

Sculptural glass teaches so much more than just the "how - to" of a specific shape.  It teaches great heat control, and thinking a bit out of the box, which enhances all forms of beadmaking.

Photos of projects show similar, but not exact projects that will be created in class.

Creative Forces

Creative Forces   ...  Available in a 4 hour, 1 or 2 day class

Have you ever looked at a picture or an object and wanted to figure out how to interpret it in glass?  That's what we'll work on in the Creative Force class.  We'll discuss how to dissect what we're looking at and then how to figure out how to build it into a sculptural bead in 104 glass.  Join instructor Marcy Lamberson for this fun learning experience.  (and it's great for the Beads of Courage Dream Beads too!)

It's A Dog's Life

It's a Dog's Life  ...  Available in a 4 Hour, 1 or 2 day class

Do you love dogs too?  We'll be working on different types of dogs -
standing and sitting, but not rolling over!  We'll also make an
individual and very cute, dog face.  Bring a picture of your dog and if
there's time, instructor Marcy Lamberson will chat with each person
individually to help you figure out how to best make your fur baby too.

TOOLS NEEDED:  Basic lampworking tools and glasses!